Foul Play

by Woods, Stuart

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In the latest action-packed thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Stuart Woods, Stone Barrington faces down a persistent rival.  Stone Barrington is nearing his New York City abode when he stumbles into trouble. As it turns out, a new client is in danger—and with both business and the safety of the city at stake, he has no choice but to get involved. When it soon becomes clear that a complicated scheme is being hatched, Stone will need to use his expertise and connections to unravel the clever plot. Though the source remains unknown, it’s just a matter of time before he and Stone must each show their hands. From ritzy Manhattan high-rises to the lush serenity of the Connecticut countryside, the game of cat and mouse can end with only one victor…. 
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Publisher's Weekly Review: "At the outset of bestseller Woods's enjoyable 59th Stone Barrington novel, attorney Stone welcomes a new client, Shep Troutman, whom he first rescues from an assailant near his Manhattan townhouse. Shep, who's staying at the Carlyle Hotel and recently sold his family's design and manufacturing business for $260 million, needs Stone's advice. The morning after their meeting, Shep is mugged in Central Park. While Shep is being treated for minor injuries at the hospital, someone leaves the dead body of a prostitute in his apartment at the Carlyle. Shep finally admits to Stone that he suspects the shady buyer of the family business, Gregor Kronk, has reason to be dissatisfied and is behind the mayhem. Stone puts his own life in peril as he tries to protect Shep and fend off Kronk. Woods throws in more than one surprising twist and a tantalizing hint of future developments in Stone's relationship with his paramour, U.S. president Holly Barker. In the end, Stone devises a clever and fitting way to take care of Kronk. This is a good entry point for newcomers to this long-running series. Agent: Anne Sibbald, Janklow & Nesbit Assoc. (Oct.)"
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Series Stone Barrington thriller
The author's other series protagonist, Holly Barker, makes an appearance in books 10, 14, and 25
#1 - New York dead
#2 - Dirt
#3 - Dead in the water
#4 - Swimming to Catalina
#5 - Worst fears realized
#6 - L.A. dead
#7 - Cold paradise
#8 - The Short forever
#9 - Dirty work
#10 - Reckless abandon
#11 - Two dollar bill
#12 - Dark harbor
#13 - Fresh disasters
#14 - Shoot him if he runs
#15 - Hot mahogany
#16 - Loitering with intent
#17 - Kisser
#18 - Lucid intervals
#19 - Strategic moves
#20 - Bel-Air dead
#21 - Son of stone
#22 - D.C. dead
#23 - Unnatural acts
#24 - Severe clear
#25 - Collateral damage
#26 - Unintended consequences
#27 - Doing hard time
#28 - Standup guy
#29 - Carnal curiosity
#30 - Cut and thrust
#31 - Paris match
#32 - Insatiable appetites
#33 - Hot pursuit
#34 - Naked greed
#35 - Foreign affairs
#36 - Scandalous behavior
#37 - Family jewels
#38 - Dishonorable intentions
#39 - Sex, lies and serious money
#40 - Below the belt
#41 - Fast and loose
#42 - Indecent exposure
#43 - Quick and dirty
#44 - Unbound
#45 - Shoot first
#46 - Turbulence
#47 - Desperate measures
#48 - A Delicate touch
#49 - Wild card
#50 - Contraband
#51 - Stealth
#52 - Treason
#53 - Hit list
#54 - Choppy water
#55 - Shake up
#56 - Hush-hush
#57 - Double jeopardy
#58 - Class act
#59 - Foul play
Subjects Thriller
Publisher Penguin Publishing Group2021
Language English
ISBN 9780593331798