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Mrs. March

by Feito, Virginia

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"I read Virginia's novel in one sitting and was so captured by it I knew I had to make it and play Mrs. March. As a character, she is fascinating, complex, and deeply human and I can't wait to sink my teeth into her." —Elisabeth MossA Jenny Lawson "Fantastic Strangeling Book Club" SelectionOprah Daily • Best of the MonthUSA Today • Books Not to MissWho is Mrs. March?George March's latest novel is a smash. No one could be prouder than his dutiful wife, Mrs. March, who revels in his accolades. A careful creature of routine and decorum, she lives a precariously controlled existence on the Upper East Side until one morning, when the shopkeeper of her favorite patisserie suggests that her husband's latest protagonist—a detestable character named Johanna—is based on Mrs. March herself. Clutching her ostrich leather pocketbook and mint-colored gloves, she flees the shop. What could have merited this humiliation?That one casual remark robs Mrs. March of the belief that she knew everything about her husband—and herself—thus sending her on an increasingly paranoid journey that begins within the pages of a book. While snooping in George's office, Mrs. March finds a newspaper clipping about a missing woman. Did George have anything to do with her disappearance? He's been going on a lot of "hunting trips" up north with his editor lately, leaving Mrs. March all alone at night with her tormented thoughts, and the cockroaches that have suddenly started to appear, and strange breathing noises . . . As she begins to decode her husband's secrets, her deafening anxiety and fierce determination threaten everyone in her wake—including her stoic housekeeper, Martha, and her unobtrusive son, Jonathan, whom she loves so profoundly, when she remembers to love him at all.Combining a Hitchcockian sensibility with wickedly dark humor, Virginia Feito, a brilliantly talented and, at times, mischievous newcomer, offers a razor-sharp exploration of the fragility of identity. A mesmerizing novel of psychological suspense and casebook insecurity turned full-blown neurosis, Mrs. March will have you second-guessing your own seemingly familiar reflection in the mirror.
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Booklist Review: "Mrs. March, wearing fur and kidskin gloves, enters her favorite pastry shop in her classy Manhattan neighborhood as though stepping upon a stage, certain of everyone's admiration. After all, Mr. March is a very famous crime writer, and his new novel is being hailed as his best. But when the friendly shopkeeper observes that the book's pitiful protagonist resembles Mrs. March, a crack races through Mrs. March's inner world of distorting mirrors. As she makes her stunned way back to the luxurious March apartment, Feito locks the reader up inside the fracturing psyche of a woman of privilege who, through excruciatingly precise renderings of grotesque delusions, is revealed to be profoundly and perilously damaged. Feito masterfully orchestrates the bewildering horrors of Mrs. March's breakdown as she is assailed by memories of her loveless childhood and, playing sleuth, convinces herself that her husband is a rapist and a murderer. Each sharply realized and diabolical aspect of Mrs. March's life, hallucinations, and actions are spiked with chilling insights into the dark aspects of family, marriage, and wealth. Feito's bravura gothic thriller brilliantly exposes monstrous consequences of covert neglect and cruelty.HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Feito's stylish and riveting psychological thriller of a woman on the edge has inspired a forthcoming film adaptation starring Elizabeth Moss."
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Publisher's Weekly Review: "Societal roles so thoroughly define the titular Upper East Side Manhattan matron of Feito's elegantly written, unflinchingly observed debut--first as the unwanted younger daughter in a frosty upper-crust New York family, now as the fastidious wife of literary sensation George March--that her first name isn't revealed until the final sentence. And Mrs. March's sense of self is sufficiently tenuous that it takes but a throwaway inquiry from the clerk at her favorite patisserie concerning whether the protagonist in George's current bestseller was modeled on her to trigger the initial tremors of an emotional earthquake. The increasingly delusional Mrs. March becomes convinced that her husband may have murdered a young woman in Maine during one of his annual hunting trips, a hypothesis she attempts to investigate. Though the suspense remains high up to the horrific final surprise, much of this woman-pushed-to-the-brink-of-madness story feels familiar, and if not for some contemporary references, Mrs. March's breakdown could be occurring in a Henry James drawing room. One looks forward to Feito training her clearly considerable talents on fresher material next time around. Agent: Kent Wolf, Neon Literary. (Aug.)"
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Subjects Literature
Publisher Liveright2021
Language English
ISBN 9781631498626