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Property of the State.

by Swinson, Kiki.

Format: Print Book 2020
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Trust no one
She killed her abusive boyfriend in self-defense. Now all she wants is to work her appeals, do her time, and earn her freedom. But when she tells her state-appointed attorney that prison guards are raping female prisoners, his betrayal lands her in a privately-owned Supermax penitentiary-and in lethal danger . . .

Watch your back
From the moment she hits the yard, she and other prisoners are victimized by illegal medical experiments. Injected with lethal diseases and made a test subject for experimental vaccines, she's clinging to life and determination by the slimmest thread . . .

Survive the night
Now she's got unexpected help from a guilt-stricken prison staffer-and a risky plan to escape. But her only way out means racking up bodies . . . and putting herself at the mercy of someone she has no reason to trust. And as lethal obstacles pile ever-higher, she soon may not have any future to save.
Additional Information
Publisher Kensington Publishing Corporation2020
Language English
Description 256 p.
ISBN 9781496720061
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