Molecular sieves

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505-00 Porous crystals : clathration, trapping, and zeolitic sorption / R.M. Barrer
Zeolite structure refinement / K.F. Fischer
Symmetry aspects of zeolite frameworks / W.M. Meier
Framework structures related to the zeolite mordenite / J.D. Sherman and J.M. Bennett
X-Ray diffraction study of palladium Y zeolite : location of paladium atoms before and after hydrogen reduction / P. Gallezot and B. Imelik
NMR investigations of the framework cations of various faujasite-type zeolites and their interpretation by model calculations / Hans Lechert
The influence of exchangeable cations on zeolite framework vibrations / I.E. Maxwell and A. Baks
Electrical properties of hydrated and partially hydrated zeolites X and Y / F.J. Jansen and R.A. Schoonheydt
Synthesis and crystal structure of zeolite rho : a new zeolite related to linde type A / H.E. Robson, D.P. Shoemaker, R.A. Ogilvie, and P.C. Manor
A review and new perspectives in zeolite crystalization / E.M. Flanigen
Mechanism of nucleation and crystallization of zeolites from gels / A. Culfaz and L.B. Sand
Spectroscopic studies of zeolite synthesis : evidence for a solid state mechanism / B.D. McNicol, G.T. Pott, K.R. Loos, and N. Mulder
Infrared studies of aqueous silicate solutions / W.C. Beard
Kinetic studies on the formation of zeolite A / W. Meise and F.E. Schwochow
Zeolite formation in the system K₂O-NA₂O-Al₂O₃-SiO₂-H₂O / H.J. Bosmans, E. Tambuyzer, J. Paenhuys, L. Ylen, and J. Vancluysen
Crystal chemical relationships in the analcite family. II. Influence of temperature and PH₂O on structure / W.D. Balgord and R. Roy
Genetic associations of sedimentary zeolites in the Soviet Union / A.G. Kossowskaya
Mechanism of formation of X and Y zeolites : phenomena during aging of hydrogels / F. Polak and A. Cichocki
Hydrogen zeolite Y, ultrastable zeolite Y, and aluminum-deficient zeolites / G.T. Kerr
Transition-metal ion exchange in synthetic X and Y zeolites : stoichiometry and reversibility / A. Maes and A. Cremers
Thermogenesis of specific adsorption sites of zeolites and their effects on the spectra of adsorbed aromatic amines / S.P. Zhdanov and E.I. Kotov
Influence of cations on the thermal stability of modified Y zeolites / H. Bremer, W. Mörke, R. Schödel, and F. Vogt
Modification of HY zeolite by reaction with tetramethylsilane / J.C. McAteer and J.J. Rooney
Study of hydrogen and carbon monoxide interactions with paladium-Y zeolite by ESR and IR spectroscopy / C. Naccache, M. Primet, and M.V. Mathieu
Isotopic enrichment of the product of a neutron capture (n, [gamma]) reaction to lanthanide- and actinide-exchanged zeolites / D.O. Campbell
Physicochemical properties of high silica L and clinoptilolite zeolites / G.V. Tsitsishvili
Synthetic zeolites as models for biological systems / A. Dyer, G.G. Hayes, G.O. Phillips, and R.P. Townsend
Applied aspects of zeolite adsorbents / H. Lee
A correlation of the calculated intracrystalline void volumes and limiting adsorption volumes in zeolites / D.W. Breck and R.W. Grose
Sorption and diffusion of light hydrocarbons and other simple non-polar molecules in type A zeolytes / D.M. Ruthven, K.F. Loughlin, and R.I. Derrah
Theoretical prediction of breakthrough curves of molecular sieve adsorption columns / D.R. Garg and D.M. Ruthven
Ion-exchanged forms of zeolite L, erionite, and offretite and sorption of inert gases / R.M. Barrer and I.M. Galabova
Heats of adsorption of CO₂ and SO₂ on molecular sieves / A.A. Huang and I. Zwiebel
Analytical method applying Polanyi's theory to adsorption on synthetic zeolites / J.L. Ginoux, J.C. Lang, and L. Bonnetain
Diffusion of hydrocarbons in mordenites by gas chromatography / Y.H. Ma and C. Mancel
Variation in the parameters of the crystalline structure of zeolites during adsorption / A.I. Sarakhov, V.F. Kononyuk, and M.M. Dubinin
NMR relaxation and molecular motion in zeolites / H.A. Resing and J.S. Murday
Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of molecules adsorbed on zeolites A, X, and Y / H. Pfeifer, W. Schirmer, and H. Winkler
Formation and structure of a monomeric oxygen adduct of a cobalt (II)-amonia complex in a Co(II) Y zeolite / E.F. Vansant and J.H. Lunsford
Catalytic properties of zeolites : a general review / Kh.M. Minachev and Ya.I. Isakov
Catalytic functions of metal-zeolite systems / V. Penchev, N. Davidova, V. Kanazirev, H. Minchev, and Y. Neinska
High temperature properties of lanthanum Y zeolites / D. Ballivet, P. Pichat, and D. Barthomeuf
Adsorption and catalytic properties of palladium supported by silica, alumina, magnesia, and amorphous and crystalline silica-aluminas / F. Figueras, R. Gomez, and M. Primet
Infrared spectrascopic study of the isotopic exchange of lattice hydroxyls in synthetic faujasites / C.F. Heylen and P.A. Jacobs
Reactions of aromatic compounds with ammonia over Y zeolite / K. Hatada, Y. Ono, and T. Keii
Redox behavior of zeolite aluminosilicates and the nature of the sites responsible for the electron-transfer activity / B.D. Flockhart, M.C. Megarry, and R.C. Pink
Transalkylation of alkylammonium cations in Y zeolite / J.J. Fripiat and M.M. Lambert-Helsen
Isomerization of paraffins / H.W. Kouwenhoven
Effect of zeolite crystallite size on the selectivity kinetics of the heterogenous catalyzed isomerization of xylenes / P. Chutoransky, Jr. and F.G. Dwyer
Kinetics and mechanism of n-butene and n-pentene isomerization over Na-Y zeolites/ E.A. Lombardo and J. Velez
Desorption influence on benzene alkylation with olefins over Y-zeolites : alkylation over zeolites / J.P. Nolley, Jr. and J.R. Katzer
Molecular shape-selective hydrocarbon conversion over erionite / N.Y. Chen and W.E. Garwood
Synthesis and properties of zeolite omega : preparation and use of dual-function catalysts based on hydrogen-omega / J.F. Cole and H.W. Kouwenhoven
Catalytic and physicochemical characterization of extracted H-mordenite / D.K. Thakur and S.W. Weller - The interactive effects of alumina tetrahedra in hydrogen exchanged mordenite / H.S. Bierenbaum, R.D. Partridge, and A.H. Weiss.

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Series Advances in chemistry series ; 121.
Subjects Aluminum silicates -- Congresses.
Zeolites -- Congresses.
Molecular sieves -- Congresses.
Gases -- Absorption and adsorption.
Conference papers and proceedings.
Publisher Washington, D.C. :American Chemical Society,1973
Contributors Meier, W. M. (Walter M.), editor.
Uytterhoeven, J. B., editor.
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, sponsoring body.
Schweizerische Chemische Gesellschaft, sponsoring body.
Language English
Notes Conference papers.
"The Third International Conference co-sponsored by the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule and the Swiss Chemical Society at Zurich, Switzerland, Sept. 3-7, 1973."
Description xiii, 634 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Bibliography Notes Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0841201803
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