Fierce pajamas an anthology of humor writing from the New Yorker

by Remnick, David

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Collected in "Fierce Pajamas" is a cornucopia of literary humor from "The NewYorker, " the magazine that has defined the category for almost a century.
Death in the rumble seat / Wolcott Gibbs
Dusk in fierce pajamas / E. B. White
Across the street and into the grill / E. B. White
On the sidewalk / John Updike
Save my seat / Mike Nichols
Hassidic tales, with a guide to their interpretation by the noted scholar / Woody Allen
Ulitmate diary / Howard Moss
Analytic napkin / Marshall Brickman
Who's who in the cast / Marshall Brickman
Health department lists restaurant violations / Daniel Menaker
Delts of venus / Charles McGrath
Notes from the edge conference / Roy Blount, Jr.
LGA-ORD / Ian Frazier
Love trouble is my business / Veronica Geng
In the new Canada, living is a way of life / Bruce McCall
Corrections / Calvin Trillin
Stardate 12:00 12:00 12:00 / Christopher Buckley
Glengarry Glen plaid / Frank Cammuso / Hart Seely
Gum / Scott Gutterman
What we talk about when we talk about doughnuts / Michael Gerber / Jonathan Schwarz
Teen times / Paul Rudnick
Press agents I have known / Groucho Marx
Greatest man in the world / James Thurber
Interview / James Thurber
Let's hear it for a beautiful guy / Bruce Jay Friedman
King of jazz / Donald Barthelme My Mao / Veronica Geng
Our side of the story / Veronica Geng
Do you know me?
George W.S. Trow
Gandhi at the bat / Chet Williamson
Igor Stravinsky: the selected phone calls / Ian Frazier
We are still married / Garrison Keillor
Meeting famous people / Garrison Keillor
Yo, Poe / Frank Gannon
My life: a series of privately funded performance-art pieces / Susan Orlean
A-list E-list / David Brooks
Mr. Preble gets rid of his wife / James Thurber
A couple of hamburgers / James Thurber
Forver pantin// / Peter De Vries
Kugelmass episode / Woody Allen
Partners / Veronica Geng
My married life: the whole truth thus far / Mark Singer
Life without Leann / Larry Doyle
Zeus the Lutheran / Garrison Keillor
Very comical lament of pyramus and thisbe / Susan Sontag
Off-ramp / Polly Frost
Blown away / Lisa Walker
Here's a really great idea / David Owen
Short autobiography / F. Scott Fitzgerald
Cliche expert takes the stand / Frank Sullivan
Cliche expert tells all / Frank Sullivan How to achieve success as a writer / Ruth Suckow
Rather difficult case of Mr. Kaplan / Leonard Q. Ross
Notebooks of James Thurber / James Thurber
Are we losing the novel race / Michael J.Arlen
Roland Magruder, freelance writer / Calvin Trillin
Contemporary writers VI: an interview with Grip Sands / Philip Hamburger
In the dough / Roger Angell
Selections from the Allen notebooks / Woody Allen
I cover carter / George W. S. Trow
Notes on my conversations / Polly Frost
Writing is easy / Steve Martin
Drivel / Steve Martin
Emily Dickinson, Jerk of Amherst / Andy Borowitz
People who had the house before / Robert Benchley
Catastrophe / William Shawn
Secret Life of Walter Mitty / James Thurber
I Am not now, nor have I ever been, a matrix of lean meat / S. J. Perelman
Eine Kleine Mothmusik / S. J. Perelman
Monomania, you and me is quits / S. J. Perelman
Pnin / Vladimir Nabokov
Annoy Kaufman, Inc. / George S. Kaufman
Last repository / H.F. Ellis
Yma Dream / Thomas Meehan
Ainmosni / Roger Angell
High ground, or look, ma, I'm explicating / Peter De Vries Apartment 6-A after the fall / Ian Frazier
Spill / George W. S. Trow
Hearing from Wayne / Bill Franzen
Stunned / Jack Handey
He didn't go to Canada / Garrison Keillor
Post-euphoria / Veronica Geng
Keith Richard's desert-island disks / Noah Baumbach
How to be obscene / Upton Sinclair
Filling that hiatus / Robert Benchley
It's fun to be fooled it's more fun to know / Robert Benchley
Why we laugh or do we? / Robert Benchley
Insert flap "A" and throw away / S. J. Perelman
How to eat an ice-cream cone / L. Rust Hills
Teaching poetry writing to singles / Veronica Geng
Dating your mom / Ian Frazier
Reading list for young writers / Ian Frazier
How I write my songs / Donald Barthelme
Save our bus herds / Cathleen Schine
Three great meals / William White
Read this first / Bruce McCall
Take it from me / Nancy Franklin
Changes in the memory after fifty / Steve Martin
Hundred greatest books that I've read / Steve Martin
Reintroducing me to my habitat / Jack Handey
Thank you for stopping / Jack Handey Homework: a parent's guide / Christopher Buckley
What happened to m money / David Owen
On taxi drivers / Alexander Woollcott
Father isn't much help / Clarence Day
Night the ghost got in / James Thurber
Ring out, wild bells / Wolcott Gibbs
Ballet visits the splendide's magician / Ludwig Bemelmans
Cloudland revisited: why, doctor, what big green eyes you have / S. J. Perelman
Thoughts on radio-televese / John Lardner
Musical husbands / Adam Gopnik
Listening to bourbon / Louis Menand
Look back in hunger / Anthony Lane
Tennis personalities / Martin Amis
Car talk / John Updike
Critic / E. B. White
Song to be disregarded / E. B. White
To a perfumed lady at the concert / E. B. White
Song of the Queen bee / E. B. White
Rhyme of an involuntary violet / Dorothy Parker
Fulfilment / Dorothy Parker
Bohemia / Dorothy Parker
Mother's home again / Don Marquis
Melancholy reflections after a lost argument / Phyllis McGinley
Seven ages of a newspaper subscriber / Phyllis McGinley
Incident in the afternoon / Phyllis McGinley Procrastination is all of the time / Ogden Nash
To my valentine / Ogden Nash
So that's who I remind me of / Ogden Nash
Compliments of a friend / Ogden Nash
Invitation says from five to seven / Ogden Nash
Theme and variantion / Peter De Vries
People / W. H. Auden
Six poets in search of a lawyer / Donald Hall
Naked and the nude / Robert Graves
12 O'Clock news / Elizabeth Bishop
Christmas in Qatar / Calvin Trillin
Duet, with muffled brake drums / John Updike
Ocular Hypertension / John Updike

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