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Can a bee sting a bee? : and other big questions from little people...

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In the spirit of Schott's Miscellany, The Magic of Reality, and The Dangerous Book for Boys comes Can a Bee Sting a Bee?--a smart, illuminating, essential, and utterly delightful handbook for perplexed parents and their curious children. Author Gemma Elwin Harris has lovingly compiled weighty questions from precocious grade school children--queries that have long dumbfounded even intelligent adults--and she's gathered together a notable crew of scientists, specialists, philosophers, and writers to answer them.

Authors Mary Roach and Phillip Pullman, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, chef Gordon Ramsay, adventurist Bear Gryllis, and linguist Noam Chomsky are among the top experts responding to the Big Questions from Little People, ("Do animals have feelings?", "Why can't I tickle myself?", "Who is God?") with well-known comedians, columnists, and raconteurs offering hilarious alternative answers. Miles above your average general knowledge and trivia collections, this charming compendium is a book fans of the E.H. Gombrich classic, A Little History of the World, will adore.

Are there any undiscovered animals? / Sir David Attenborough
Is it OK to eat a worm? / Bear Grylls
What are atoms? / Marcus Chown
Why are the grown-ups in charge? / Miranda Hart
Why is blood red, not blue? / Dr. Christian Jessen
How are dreams made? / Alain de Botton
How long would it take to walk around the world? / Rosie Swale-Pope
Why do we have music? / Jarvis Cocker
Do aliens exist? / Dr. Seth Shostak
Where does wind come from? / Antony Woodward and Rob Penn
Why do we speak English? / Professor David Crystal
Why did dinosaurs go extinct and not other animals? / Dr. Richard Fortey
Why do cakes taste so nice? / Lorraine Pascale
How do plants and trees grow from a small seed? / Alys Fowler
Why do monkeys like bananas? / Daniel Simmonds
Is the human brain the most powerful thing on earth? / Derren Brown
What is global warming? / Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock
Why do I get hiccups? / Harry Hill
Why is space so sparkly? / Martin Rees
Why can't animals talk like us? / Noam Chomsky
How do story writers get ideas for characters? / Dame Jacqueline Wilson
How do cars work? / David Rooney
Why can't I tickle myself? / David Eagleman
Who had the first pet? / Celia Haddon
Why are planets round? / Professor Chris Riley
Can a bee sting a bee? / Dr. George McGavin
Why do we cook food? / Heston Blumenthal
How do you keep going when you're losing in sport? / Dame Kelly Holmes
Why do wars happen? / Alex Crawford
Why do we go to the toilet? / Adam Hart-Davis
Why do lions roar? / Kate Humble
Why do we have money? / Robert Peston
Who wrote the first book ever? / Professor Martyn Lyons
Why do elephants have trunks? / Michaela Strachan
Why are some people mean? / Dr. Oliver James
How do trees make the air that we breathe? / Dr. David Bellamy
If the universe started from nothing, how did it become something? / Dr. Simon Singh
Why do people have different-coloured skin? / Carl Zimmer
Will the North and South Poles ever melt completely? / Dr. Gabrielle Walker
Where does "good" come from? / A.C. Grayling
Why is the sun so hot? / Dr. Lucie Green
What is the most endangered animal in the world? / Mark Carwardine
Why do girls have babies and boys don't? / Dr. Sarah Jarvis
In Victorian times why did kids do all the work? / Claire Tomalin
What is gravity, and why isn't there any in space? / Dr. Nicholas J.M. Patrick
Why can't we live forever? / Richard Holloway
How does water get into the clouds so it can rain? / Gavin Pretor-Pinney
Why do animals that fly have feathers, not including bats? / John "Jack" Horner
How does my brain control me? / Baroness Susan Greenfield
How do chefs get ideas for recipes? / Gordon Ramsay
Are we all related? / Dr. Richard Dawkins. How do they know all snowflakes are different? / Justin Pollard
Why does time go slowly when you want it to go fast? / Claudia Hammond
Who first made metal things? / Neil Oliver
How do the bubbles get into fizzy drinks? / Steve Mould
Why is the sky blue? / Simon Ings
How do sportspeople concentrate when the crowd is noisy? / Colin Montgomerie
Do monkeys and chickens have anything in common? / Dr. Yan Wong
How did we first learn to write? / John Man
Why do scientists look at germs, and why can't I see them? / Joanne Manaster
Do any people eat polar bears or lions? / Benedict Allen
Why does the moon change shape? / Chris Riley
Do numbers go on forever? / Marcus du Sautoy
Where did the first seed come from? / Dr. Karen James
Why was Guy Fawkes so naughty? / Philippa Gregory
What do you have to do to get into the Olympic Games? / Jessica Ennis
Who was the first artist? / Michael Wood
What am I made of? / Lawrence Krauss
Why do penguins live at the South Pole but not the North? / Vanessa Berlowitz
How does an aeroplane fly? / David Rooney
What's the strongest animal? / Steve Leonard
Who named all the cities? / Mark Forsyth
Why is water wet? / Roger Highfield
What would I look like if I didn't have a skeleton? / Professor Joy S. Gaylinn Reidenberg
Are cows polluting the air? / Tim Smit
How do writers think of their ideas? / Philip Pullman
Who invented chocolate? / Joanne Harris
Why do men grow beards and not women? / Dr. Christian Jessen
Is sugar bad for you? / Annabel Karmel
How did they build the pyramids in Egypt? / Dr. Joyce Tyldesley
Why is the sky dark at night? / Christopher Potter
What should you do when you can't think what to draw or paint? / Tracey Emin
How do you make electricity? / Professor Jim Al-Khalili
Did Alexander the Great like frogs? / Bettany Hughes
What are our bones made of? / Alice Roberts
If you're on a boat with no food or water, what do you do? / Roz Savage
How does my cat always find her way home? / Dr. Rupert Sheldrake
What's inside the world? / Iain Stewart
Who is God? / Julian Baggini, Meg Rosoff, Francis Spufford
How many different types of beetle are there in the whole world? / Dr. George McGavin
How far away is space? / Marcus Chown
How does lightning happen? / Kathy Sykes
Why are some people taller than others? / Katie Woodard
Why is wee yellow? / Sally Magnusson
What was the biggest battle the Romans fought in? / Gary Smailes
Why do I get bored? / Peter Toohey
Are there really monsters living in our mouths called blackteria? / Liz Bonnin
Why do we sleep at night? / Professor Russell G. Foster
Will we ever be able to go back in time? / Dr. John Gribbin
How does fire get on fire? / Dr. Bunhead
Why do we have lots of countries, not just one big country? / Dan Snow
What makes me me? / Professor Chris Stringer, Professor Gary Marcus, Michael Rosen
If a cow didn't fart for a whole year and then did one big fart, would it fly into space? / Mary Roach
Why is the sea salty? / Mark Kurlansky
What is the internet for? / Clay Shirky
How did Michelangelo get so famous? / Sister Wendy Beckett
How do you fall in love? / Jeanette Winterson, David Nicholls, Professor Robin Dunbar
If my stomach was unravelled how long would it be? / Dr. Michael Mosley
Why do we have an alphabet? / John Man
Why do I always fight with my brother and sister? / Professor Tanya Byron
What are rainbows made of? / Antony Woodward and Rob Penn
When did people start using recipes? / Mario Batali
Why does the moon shine? / Dr. Heather Couper
Where do the oceans come from? / Dr. Gabrielle Walker
Why do snails have shells but slugs don't? / Nick Baker

Additional Information
Subjects Children's questions and answers.
Publisher New York :2014
Edition First Ecco paperback edition.
Contributors Harris, Gemma Elwin, editor.
Language English
Notes Reprint. Originally published as: Big questions from little people. New York, NY : HarperCollins Publishers, ©2012.
Includes index.
Description xviii, 318 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
ISBN 9780062223234
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