Contributions to the biology of the Philippine archipelago and adjacent regions papers on collections gathered by the "Albatross" Philippine Expedition, 1907-1910.

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v.1, pt.1. Bartsch, P. The Philippine land shells of the genus Amphidromus
v.1, pt.2. Van Name, W. G. Ascidians from the Philippines and adjacent waters
v.1, pt.3. Mayer, A. G. Report upon the Scyphomedusae
v.1, pt.4. Michael, E. L. Report on the Chaetognatha
v.1, pt.5. Bigelow, H. B. Hydromedusae, siphonophores, and ctenophores
v.1, pt.6. Cushman, J.A. The relationships of the genera Calcarina, Tinoporus, and Baculogypsina as indicated by recent Philippine material
v.1, pt.7. Gilbert, C. H. and C. L. Hubbs. The macrouroid fishes
v.1, pt.8. Treadwell, A. L. Polychaetous annelids collected
v.1, pt.9. Hoagland, R. A. Polychaetous annelids collected
v.1, pt.10. Kaburaki, T. The polyclad Turbellarians from the Philippine Islands.
v.2, pt.1. Metcalf, M. M. The salpidae collected
v.2, pt.2. Metcalf, M. M. The salpidae: a taxonomic study
v.2, pt.3. Metcalf, M. M. and H. S. Hopkins. Pyrosoma: a taxonomic study
v.2, pt.4. Wilson, H.V. Silicious and horny sponges collected
v.2, pt.5. Bartsch, P. The shipworms of the Philippine Islands
v.3. Fisher, W. K. Starfishes of the Philippine Seas and adjacent waters
v.4. Cushman, J. A. Foraminifera of the Philippine and adjacent seas
v.5. KÅ“hler, R. Ophiurans of the Philippine seas and adjacent waters. v.6. Papers on Philippine diatoms, annelids, hydroids, echinoids and mollusks : V.6, pt.1.Mann, A. Marine diatoms of the Philippine Islands
v.6, pt.2. Treadwell, A.L. Additions to the polychaetous annelids collected
v.6, pt.3. Nutting, C.C. Report on the hydroida collected
v.6, pt.4. Mortensen, T. Report on the echinoidea collected
v.6, pt. 5. Treadwell, A.L. Four new species of polychaetous annelids collected
v.6, pt.6. Bartsch, P. The Philippine land mollusks of the genus Opisthoporus
v.6, pt.7. Bartsch, P. The Philippine land mollusks Cochlostyla rufogaster and Obba marmorata and their races
v.6, pt.8. Bartsch, P. The land shells of the genus Obba from Mindoro Province
v.6, pt.9. Bartsch, P. The tree snails of the genus Cochlostyla of Mindoro Province. v.7. Fowler, H.W. and B.A. Bean. The fishes of the families pomacentridar, labridae, and callyodontidae
v.8. Fowler, H.W. and B.A. Bean. The fishes of the series capriformes, ephippiformes, and squamipennes
v.9. Canu, F. and R.S. Bassler. Bryozoa of the Philippine region
v.10. Fowler, H.W and B.A. Bean. The fishes of the families amiidae, chandidae, duleidae, and serranidae
v.11. Fowler, H.W. The fishes of the families pseudochromidae ... []
v.12. Fowler, H.W. The fishes of the families banjosidae ... [et al.]
v.13. Fowler, H.W. The fishes of the groups elasmobranchii, ... []
v.14, pt.1. Mortensen, T. Report on the echinoidea collected (pt.2)
v.14, pt.2. Fowler, H.W. Descriptions and figures of new fishes
v.14, pt.3. Mortensen, T. Report on the echinoidea collected (pt.3)
v.14, pt.4. Wilson, C.B. Copepods gathered.

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Subjects Marine animals -- Philippines.
Fishes -- Philippines.
Marine animals -- Malay Archipelago.
Fishes -- Malay Archipelago.
Publisher Washington :Govt. Print. Off,1917
Contributors Bartsch, Paul, 1871-1960.
Van Name, Willard G. (Willard Gibbs), 1872-1959.
Mayor, Alfred Goldsborough, 1868-1922.
Michael, Ellis L. (Ellis Le Roy), 1881-1920.
Bigelow, Henry Bryant, 1879-1967.
Treadwell, Aaron L. (Aaron Louis), 1866-1947.
Cushman, Joseph A. (Joseph Augustine), 1881-1949.
Kaburagi, Tokio, 1890-1968.
Hoaglund, Ruth Agnes.
Bassler, Ray S. (Ray Smith), 1878-1961
Canu, Ferdinand, 1863-1932.
Mortensen, Th. (Theodor), 1868-1952.
Fowler, Henry W., 1878-1965.
Wilson, Charles Branch, 1861-1941.
Bean, Barton A. (Barton Appler), 1860-1947.
Nutting, Charles Cleveland, 1858-1927.
Mann, Albert, 1853-1935.
Wilson, H. V. (Henry Van Peters), 1863-1939.
Language English
Description 14 volumes : illustrations, plates ; 24 cm.
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