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Language: English
Format: Music CD 2009
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CLP - Main Library Second Floor Film & Audio--Music Box Sets COMPACT DISC Vo NMC 35393
Location  CLP - Main Library
Collection  Second Floor Film & Audio--Music Box Sets
Call Number  COMPACT DISC Vo NMC 35393
The source / David Sawer (Booth, Bickley; Gunnell, tubular bells) (1:55)
Upon St. George's Hill / Luke Bedford (Hulett, Hatzinikolaou) (1:36)
Shining plain / Anthony Powers (Kennedy, Burnside) (3:55)
Interlude / Gary Carpenter (Bickley, Chapman) (1:25)
Tss-k-haa / Jonathan Cole (Williams) (3:11)
Galliard, version 1 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Burnside, Ball) (1:04)
Those Fenny bells / Anthony Gilbert (Lixenberg, Chance, Gunnell) (3:56)
Daisy's song / Philip Cashian (Stout, Burnside) (2:02)
The bourne / Nicola Lefanu (Atherton, Wakeford) (3:27)
Maiden in the moor / Nicholas Sackman (Hulett, Gunnell) (2:40)
Houses and gardens in the heart of England / John White (Tynan, Burnside) (2:31)
Galliard, version 2 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Burnside, Ball) (1:28)
This silence before light / Harrison Birtwistle ; arr. Colin Matthews (Booth, Watkins) (2:39)
Blist's hill / Julian Philips (Loges, Burnside) (2:38)
Fin like a flower / Anna Meredith (Chance, Wakeford) (2:13)
Cease sorrows now / Joe Duddell (Mosley, Burnside) (3:11)
Titania's song / Alison Bauld (Atherton, Ball) (3:34)
Swift's epitaph / Donnacha Dennehy (Watts, Gunnell) (2:49)
Nobody comes / Helen Grime (Rigby, Watkins) (3:26)
A cat / John McCabe (Lixenberg, Hatzinikolaou) (2:59)
Galliard, version 3 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Burnside, Ball) (1:46)
Outside Fort Tregantle / Michael Finnissy (Jackson, Finnissy) (3:17)
Blaze of noon / Phillip Neil Martin (Booth, Ball) (4:01)
Bands / Joe Cutler (Norman, Ball) (2:31)
Mouth of the dumb / James MacMillan (Swait, Harris, Wakeford) (3:55)
Stanzas 1814 / Jonathan Powell (Lixenberg, Powell) (2:34)
Galliard, version 4 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman, Gunnell, marimba) (1:33)
Easter / Hugh Wood (Kennedy, Burnside) (2:06)
Dirge from Cymbeline / Gordon Crosse (Stout, Wakeford) (3:19)
A curious thirsty fly / David Horne (Norman, Ball) (2:19)
Out of town / Rachel Leach (Tynan, Burnside) (3:21)
English encouragement of art / Richard Causton (Booth, Bickley, Gunnell) (1:02)
A swallow / David Blake (Rigby, Watkins) (2:58)
Galliard, version 5 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman, Gunnell, marimba) (1:42)
The beach in winter, Scratby (for Tess) / Robert Saxton (Loges, Burnside) (2:30)
Lucretius / Julian Anderson (Booth, Gunnell) (3:14)
Upon the cloudy night / James Dillon (Watts, Ball) (3:15)
Easter Zunday / Sadie Harrison (Hulett, Ball) (3:49)
Labyrinth to light / Peter Maxwell Davies (Swait, Plant) (2:43)
With my whip / Edward Rushton (Mosley, Burnside) (2:43)
Raju Raghuvanshi is a ghost / Simon Holt (Ebrahim) (3:40)
A winter's morning / Thea Musgrave (Tynan, Burnside) (3:20)
Galliard, version 6 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman) (1:06)
Darkness visible / Tarik O'Regan (Watts, Hulett, Wakeford) (3:46)
A simple neo-Georgian summer / Emily Hall (Loges, Burnside) (1:43)
A cause for wonder / Peter Wiegold (Watts, Burnside) (3:43)
Wild clematis in winter / Emily Howard (Rigby, Watkins) (2:39)
Poet and star / Bayan Northcott (Booth, Norman, Ball) (2:41)
Galliard, version 7 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman) (1:47)
Vocalise : Loch Lurgainn in the sunshine / Rupert Bawden (Rigby, Watkins) (2:15)
A coat / Roderick Williams (Williams, Burnside) (2:58)
Know thy kings and queens / Julian Grant (Bickley, Burnside) (2:13)
Because I breathe not love to everyone / Robert Keeley (Norman, Chapman) (3:12)
First known when lost / Philip Grange (Mosley, Burnside) (2:20)
Galliard, version 8 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman) (1:25)
Haiku / Bláar Kindsdottir (Bowman, Plant) (1:28)
Meet me in the green glen / Brian Elias (Bickley) (3:12)
Music, thou queen of souls / Lloyd Moore (Tynan, Burnside) (1:44)
Plover's peak / David Matthews (Hulett, Ball) (3:11)
Spoken to a bronze head / Jeremy Dale Roberts (Bickley, Burnside) (4:06)
The greenwood's lament / Jonathan Lloyd (Lixenberg, Stout, Hatzinikolaou) (3:14)
Love song (for yoga) / Diana Burrell (Atherton, Ball) (1:43)
Night and morning / John Casken (Norman, Ball) (3:17)
Hour-glass / Daniel Basford (Chance, Wakeford) (3:35)
Galliard, version 9 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman) (1:07)
Proud Maisie / Huw Watkins (Booth, Watkins) (1:42)
A recipe for whisky / Lyell Cresswell (Loges, Gunnell, temple blocks) (3:28)
Echo : hommage à Francis Poulenc / Michael Berkeley (Tynan, Burnside) (3:30)
Lullaby / Roger Marsh (Booth, Gunnell, marimba) (2:46)
Lake side / Dai Fujikura (Lixenberg) (2:37)
English Lullaby / Richard Baker (Bickley, Burnside) (2:43)
The poison tree / Stephen Montague (Loges, Burnside) (2:39)
She walks in beauty like the night / Judith Bingham (Kennedy, Wakeford) (3:33)
Galliard, version 10 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman) (1:48)
The true standard advanced / Christopher Fox (Norman, Gunnell, drum) (2:15)
That mighty heart / Roxanna Panufnik (Bickley, Burnside) (2:51)
The fitful alternations of the rain / Christopher Mayo (Kennedy, Wakeford) (2:45)
Tree / Errollyn Wallen (Wallen, voice and piano) (4:08)
An hypallage / Chris Dench (Lixenberg, Ebrahim, Powell) (3:17)
A dangerous crossing / Edwin Roxburgh (Tynan, Burnside) (2:54)
The Roman centurion's song / David Bedford (Mosley, Burnside) (3:16)
25 / Luke Stoneham (Stoneham, electronics) (3:07)
Galliard, version 11 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman) (1:25)
Bellamy / Mark-Anthony Turnage (Watts, Hulett, Wakeford) (1:14)
Ah! sun-flower / Jonathan Harvey (Booth, Watkins) (1:56)
Blackbirds and thrushes / Judith Weir (Mosley, Burnside) (2:48)
The life of this world / Stuart MacRae (Chance, Hatzinikolaou) (3:42)
The importance of being earnest / Gerald Barry (Barry, voice and piano) (2:05)
London / Martin Butler (Williams, Burnside) (3:37)
Galliard, version 12 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Burnside, Ball, Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman, Gunnell, marimba) (1:26)
Old man and sea / Gavin Bryars (Kennedy, Wakeford) (4:50)
Ulysses' admonition to Achilles / Alexander Goehr (Williams, West) (3:32)
My favourite sound / Claudia Molitor (Chance, Mosley, baritone, electronics) (2:51)
Stendhal's observation / John Woolrich (Booth, Watkins) (1:58)
Silence on Ullswater / Howard Skempton (Hulett, Wakeford) (:53)
Heynonnynonny smallprint / Geoffrey Poole (Stout) (4:17)
The moon's funeral / Joseph Phibbs (Bowman, Plant) (3:20)
Galliard, version 13 / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Burnside, Ball, Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman, Gunnell, marimba) (1:29)
Bees a-zwarmen / Julia Simpson (Lixenberg, Powell) (2:03)
Sonnett XVIII / Simon Bainbridge (Bickley, Watts) (3:18)
Go, lovely Rose / Robin Holloway (Rigby, Watkins) (4:06)
An aesthetic of lines / Jordan Hunt (Booth, Ball) (2:45)
I look into my glass / Giles Swayne (Hulett, Hatzinikolaou) (2:12)
Ghost train / Anthony Payne (Williams, Burnside) (4:07)
A dictionary of London / Morgan Hayes (Lixenberg, Powell) (3:10)
Driving / Ben Foskett (Norman, Ball) (2:02)
Galliard, complete version / Thomas Morley ; arr. Colin Matthews (Burnside, Ball, Wakeford, Hatzinikolaou, Chapman, Gunnell, marimba) (3:09)
An oblique / Bryn Harrison (Lixenberg, Powell) (3:45).

Additional Information
Subjects Songs with piano.
Vocal duets with tubular bells.
Songs with guitar.
Songs with harpsichord.
Vocalises (Medium voice), Unaccompanied.
Piano music (4 hands), Arranged.
Vocal duets with percussion.
Songs with harp.
Songs with percussion.
Vocal duets with harp.
Chamber music.
Songs (Medium voice), Unaccompanied.
Vocal duets with piano.
Vocalises (Medium voice) with piano.
Vocal duets with guitar.
Electronic music.
Vocal duets with electronics.
Vocal duets, Unaccompanied.
Vocal music -- England -- 21st century.
Publisher London :NMC,2009
Contributors Swait, Andrew, 1994- performer.
Daley-Harris, Sam, 1946- performer.
Atherton, Elizabeth (Soprano), performer.
Booth, Claire (Soprano), performer.
Tynan, Ailish, performer.
Bickley, Susan, performer.
Lixenberg, Loré, performer.
Rigby, Jean, performer.
Bowman, James, performer.
Chance, Michael, performer.
Watts, Andrew, 1967- performer.
Hulett, Benjamin, performer.
Kennedy, Andrew, 1977- performer.
Norman, Daniel, 1970- performer.
Ebrahim, Omar, performer.
Jackson, Richard, 1949- performer.
Loges, Stephan, performer.
Mosley, George, performer.
Stout, David (Baritone), performer.
Williams, Roderick, performer.
Ball, Andrew (Pianist), performer.
Burnside, Iain, performer.
Finnissy, Michael, performer.
Plant, Andrew (Andrew Martin), performer.
Powell, Jonathan, 1969- performer.
Watkins, Huw, 1976- performer.
West, Andrew (Pianist), performer.
Wakeford, Lucy, 1972- performer.
Chapman, Jane (Harpsichordist), performer.
Gunnell, Owen, performer.
Hatzinikolaou, Antonis, performer.
NMC (Firm)
Participants/Performers Variously: Andrew Swait, Sam Harris, trebles; Elizabeth Atherton, Claire Booth, Ailish Tynan, sopranos; Susan Bickley, Loré Lixenberg, Jean Rigby, mezzo-sopranos; James Bowman, Michael Chance, Andrew Watts, counter-tenors; Benjamin Hulett, Andrew Kennedy, Daniel Norman, tenors; Omar Ebrahim, Richard Jackson, Stephan Loges, George Mosley, David Stout, Roderick Williams, baritones; Andrew Ball, Iain Burnside, Michael Finnissy, Andrew Plant, Jonathan Powell, Huw Watkins, Andrew West, piano; Lucy Wakeford, harp; Jane Chapman, harpsichord; Owen Gunnell, percussion; Antonis Hatzinkolaou, guitar.
Language English
Sung in English (principally) and Latin (Dennehy).
Notes Songs commissioned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of NMC.
Compact disc.
Program notes by Colin Matthews, Iain Burnside, and Bayan Northcott, and texts with English translation (59 p.) inserted in container.
Description 4 audio discs : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
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