Folk tales of all nations

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Africa: The spider, the guinea-fowl, and the francolin ; One cannot help an unlucky man ; How the spider ate the hyena-cubs' food ; The spider which bought a dog as a slave ; The spider passes on a debt ; The king and the ju-ju tree ; How the tortoise overcame the elephant and the hippopotamus ; The bush cow and the elephant ; Ohia and the thieving deer ; Quarcoo Bah-boni ; Why we see ants carrying bundles as big as themselves ; Anansi and Nothing ; The conceited spider ; Why the lizard continually moves his head up and down ; The story of five heads ; The great chief of the animals ; The wonderful horns ; The story of Lion and little Jackal ; The jackal's bride ; The white man and the snake ; The dove and the heron ; The cat and the rat ; The jackal and the drought ; The scrawny old man and woman ; The rabbit and the crocodile ; The hare and the elephants ; The warriors and the monkeys ; The women and the children of the sycamore tree ; The caterpillar and the wild animals ; The ostrich chicks ; The brave boy ; Dividing the cheese ; A storm coming ; How to eat monkey ; Eggs or beans ; The tug of war
America: The proud mouse ; The crow and the daylight ; The running stick ; The wonderful kettle ; The healing waters ; The boy magician ; The fairy wives ; The snake ogre ; The origin of fire ; The creation of man ; Fable of the animals ; Puck Wudj Ininee ; Aggo Dah Gauda ; The winter spirit and his visitor ; Compair Lapin and the earthworm ; Compair Lapin and Compair L'Ours ; Compair Bouki and the monkeys ; Mr. Monkey and the bridegroom ; The tortoise ; Compair Bouki, Compair Lapin, and the birds' eggs ; Vukub-Cakix, the great macaw ; The earth giants ; The undoing of Zipacna ; The discomfiture of Cabrakan ; The fox and the mice ; The pine gum baby ; The fox and the lizard ; The coyote and the fox ; The coyote and the turtle ; The fox and the turkey ; Ber Rabbit and Ber Wolf ; Fatal imitation ; Tell-tale grease ; The Irishman and the donkey ; The dreamer ; The bag of stories ; Brer Wolf makes a mistake ; The awful fate of Brer Wolf ; The fate of Little Jack Sparrow ; Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear
Arabia: Shahriar and Shahrazad ; The story of the fisherman and the genie ; The story of the Grecian king and the sage Douban ; More about the fisherman and the genie
Australia: The wonderful lizard ; How the selfish goannas lost their wives ; The mischievous crow ; Dinewan the emu, and Wahn the crows ; Goolahwilleel, the topknot pigeons ; The fire-makers ; Wayambeh the turtle ; Gooloo the magpie and Wahroogah ; Weedah and the mocking bird
Babylon: The eagle
Basque tales: Acheria the fox ; Errua the madman ; The Tartaro and Petit Perroquet
Bohemia: The three golden hairs of Grandfather Allknow ; The Jezinkas ; Intelligence and Luck ; Long, Broad, and Sharpsight
Brittany: St. Yves the truth-giver ; The miraculous fish ; The beggar's curse ; Mona and the Morgan ; Loïk Guern ; The stones of Plouvinec ; Yvon and Finette
Cossack tales: The straw ox ; The story of the forty-first brother ; The cat, the cock, and the fox ; The iron wolf ; The fox and the cat ; Oh, the tsar of the forest
Celtic tales: Nix Nought Nothing ; Cap o' Rushes ; Lazy Jack ; Mr. Vinegar ; The cat and the mouse ; Molly Whuppie ; Johnny-cake ; Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse ; Jack Hannaford ; The tail ; Jack and his master ; Robin Goodfellow ; The Princess of Colchester ; The wise men of Gotham ; The lost fisher ; The golden ball ; The history of Tom Thumb ; The story of Tom Tit Tot Tom ; Tom Hickathrift the conqueror ; Henny-Penny ; Red Jacket, or, The nose tree ; Ainsel ; The tale of the hoodie ; The story of the white pet ; The seal maiden ; The red bull of Norroway ; Whippety Stourie ; Jock and his mother ; A faery and a kettle ; Jack the cunning thief ; The story of the McAndrew family ; The farmer of Liddesdale ; Dream of Owen O'Mulready ; The piper and the Púca ; Munachar and Manachar ; Donald and his neighbours ; The horned women ; The legend of Bottle-Hill ; Lusmore at Knockgrafton ; The king's daughter of France ; Fairy gold ; The enchanted hare ; The bridge of the kist ; The child and the fiddle ; "Good night, my brave Michael" ; The lad and the old lassie's song ; The basket of eggs ; The monster of Blaylock ; The Devil's mother-in-law ; Etain
China: The talking bird ; The wonderful pear-tree ; The country of gentlemen ; The magic pillow ; The stone monkey ; Lo-Sun, the blind boy ; The boy who became emperor ; Have courage
Denmark: Virtue its own reward ; The cobbler's lad ; Olaf the mermaid's son ; The little pony
Egypt: The peasant and the workman ; The story of the two brothers ; The doomed prince ; The story of Ra and Isis ; The treasure-chamber of Rhampsinitus
Finland: The terrible Olli ; The Devil's hide ; The animals take a bite ; The partners ; The harvest ; The porridge ; The bear says "North"
Fiji Islands: How the Tongans came to Fiji ; how the mosquitoes came to Oneata ; The begininng of death
France: Cinderella, or, The little glass slipper ; Puss in boots ; Little Red Riding Hood ; Beauty and the beast ; The white cat
Georgia: The prince who befriended the beasts ; The serpent and the peasant ; The strong man and the dwarf ; A witty answer ; The goof-for-nothing ; The king and the apple ; Teeth and no teeth
Germany: Hansel and Grethel ; Hans in luck ; Bearskin ; The poor miller's boy and the cat ; The Schildburgers
Gipsy tales: The seer ; The Red King and the witch ; The snake who became the king's son-in-law ; Baldpate
Greece: Ceres and Proserpine ; The return of Proserpine ; The king and the oak ; Psyche ; The crazy priestess and her crazy daughters ; The lion, the tiger, and the eagle ; Constantes and the dragon ; The snake, the dog, and the cat ; Sir Lazarus and the dragons
Hungary: The three lemons ; The speaking grapes, the smiling apple, and the tinkling apricot ; Fisher Joe ; Prince Csihan ; The wishes
Iceland: The magic scythe ; The merman ; The money chest ; The shepherd of Silfrúnarstadir
India: The Brahman, the thief, and the ghost ; How Supersmart ate the elephant ; Hundred-wit, Thousand-wit, and Single-wit ; Slow, the weaver ; The Brahman's dream ; The unforgiving monkey ; The valiant chattee-maker ; Tit for tat ; The blind man, the deaf man, and the donkey ; The valiant blackbird ; The wise old shepherd ; The rabbit and the monkey ; How the mouse got into his hole ; Sakka's presents ; A lesson for kings ; The monkeys and the bears ; The four friends ; The jackal and the drum ; The mice that ate an iron balance ; The mouse that was turned into a maiden ; The foolish teacher, the foolish pupils, and the cat ; The sagacious Lumbardār ; The farmer, his wife, and the open door ; The silly weaver girl ; The four weavers ; The magic lamp ; The story of Kara and Guja ; The story of a lizard, a tiger, and a lame man ; The story of a simpleton ; The bull of Siva ; Dandaka the monk
Italy: Thirteenth ; A feast day ; Giufà and the morning-singer ; Crab ; The clever peasant ; Buchettino ; The transformation donkey ; How Cajusse was married ; The booby ; The greedy daughter ; The old miser
Japan: Irashima Taro ; The crackling mountain ; The miraculous tea-kettle ; The maiden and the wooden bowl ; The jelly-fish and the monkey ; Robe of feathers ; How an old man lost his wen ; The mirror of Matsuyama ; Visu
Korea: Pigling and her proud sister ; The mirror that made trouble ; The great stone fire eater
Madagscar: The rice and the sugar-cane ; The three sisters and Itrímobé
Malay tales: The mouse-deer's shipwreck ; The elephant has a bet with the tiger ; The friendship of the squirrel and the creeping fish
Maori tales: Rangi and Papatua, or, the Heavens and the Earth ; Huia, or, The tale of the fishing-net ; Rongo and the lizard-god
Norse tales: Silly men and cunning wives ; The trolls in Hedale Wood ; The greedy cat ; Goody 'Gainst-the-Stream ; Silly Matt ; The giant who had no heart in his body ; the husband who was to mind the house ; The three aunts ; Gudbrand on the Hill-side ; Farmer Weathersky ; Lord Peter ; Osborn's pipe
Paupa: How the turtle got his shell ; The ant and the pheasant ; The mud people ; The three sisters ; The enchanted pillow ; The mouse and the butterfly ; The magic almonds ; How a man found his wife in the Land of the Dead ; Where the coconut came from ; Why the men of Gavi will not eat fish ; The talking bananas
Persia: From a Persian jest book ; The story of white-headed Zal ; Sohrab, the child of many smiles ; Sohrab and Rustem ; The death of Sohrab
Portugal: The seven iron slippers ; The spider ; The hind of the golden apple ; The padre and the Negro ; The story of a cat's tail ; The merry little fox ; The white rabbit ; The old merchant's donkey
Roumania: Why the stork has no tail ; The dog, the snake, and the cure of headache ; Why the tortoise has a round back ; the cuckoo and the Hoopoe ; Why the woodpecker has a long beak
Russia: Fish in the forest ; The flying ship ; Two out of the knapsack ; Marko the Rich and Vasily the Luckless ; Kuz'ma Skorobogaty ; Verlioka ; The little feather of Fenist the bright falcon ; God knows how to punish man ; The Devil and the gipsy
Serbia: Animals' language ; He who asks little receives much ; Lying for a wager ; The lame fox
Spain: The fox and the goose ; The knavish little bird ; The singing sack ; The serpent woman ; The bewitched violin ; The half-chick
Switzerland: How the Alpine horn came to the herdsmen ; Fenette the Alpine shepherdess ; William Tell
Tibet: The story of the home-bred boy ; The frog and the crow ; The Kyang, the fox, the wolf, and the hare ; The story of the stone lion ; The story of the two neighbours ; The story of the cat and the mice ; How the hare got his split lip
Turkey: Youth without Age and Life without Death ; The serpent-peri and the magic mirror.

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Subjects Tales.
Publisher New York :Tudor Pub. Co.,1936
Edition New ed.
Contributors Lee, F. H. (Frank Harold), 1882- editor.
Language English
Description 947 pages : music ; 22 cm
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